Good people skills are essential for every professional. How you interact with your co-workers as well as clients can impact both your personal and professional growth. I know some people consider him a T.V. quack, but Dr. Phil created a list of 10 things all people have in common (found in his book entitled “Life Strategies”) and when I read it, my eyes were opened. Suddenly, I looked at my interactions with people in a whole new light – a more patient, understanding light. So I’ve listed these traits below and I hope to hear some commentary from all of you readers. Do you agree with his breakdown of the human condition? And if so, are these new things to you? Will understanding these things help you interact with people? Or is he talking out of his you-know-what? Personally, I see myself in each and every one of these personality traits.

1.  The number one fear among all people is rejection.

2.  The number one need among all people is acceptance.

3.  To manage people effectively, you must do it in a way that protects and enhances their self-esteem.

4.  Everybody approaches every situation with at least some concern for, “What’s in it for me?”

5.  Everybody prefers to talk about things that are important to them personally.

6.  People hear and incorporate only what they understand.

7.  People like, trust and believe those who like them.

8.  People often do things for other than apparent reasons.

9.  Even people of quality can be, and often are, petty and small.

10.  Everybody wears a social mask. You must look beyond the mask to see the person.

Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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